I have embedded a youtube video in my application using the Iframe web block from Utilities. The full screen option is unavailable. The rest of the controls are working fine. How do I enable full screen using this component?

Hi Sneha,

You can define the width and height of iframe using css or you can override its css class using javascript on page load . If you upload  your oml then it easy to solve it.



Hi Rocky,

I was able to set the height and width of the Iframe. But,the option for fullscreen is unavailable when I use the IFrame pattern i.e, I see the button we click to go to fullscreen, but upon clicking it says fullscreen is unavailable.

I used the Iframe HTML code as an expression and it worked fine. 

I wanted to know if there is any way of setting the fullscreen option while using the Iframe pattern(Silk UI pattern)

Thank you !.