Change local variable using event onFocus or calling action


as the title says I would like to know how can I change a variable value or call an action using the onFocus of an input event which will make me use JS. Is it possible?

For example, I have a boolean. When I focus an input I want to change its value


Vincent Colpa

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Why Focus? Why you don't use the OnChange?

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I don't want to use OnChange because it is not 100% effective. Sometimes if I quick right and press enter or copy-paste some text to an input and press enter the onChange won't have time to react. 

That is why I would like to use onFocus because Its the event that is more suitable for this purpose...

Any suggestions?


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Why you don't use the onClick in InputBox? Because when you click in the input, the actions react.

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Hi Vincent,

It possible but for that you have to  add input hidden textbox and use that variable in textbox .Now with jquery function $('#id').Value('new value');  you can change variable value.

It not possible to call directly , screen action through JS  .Just need to add a hidden button and use destination as that function and through JS or jquery just tigger tht hidden button . $(#buttonid).click();



Hey, Im using OS 9 I dont know but in here the only event that I can easily add actions is the OnChange event.

You are suggesting the OnClick. Its OK, my problem is not the event! is the way I call the action.

I made something I guess it works. To the inputs I want the boolean to be TRUE I use the JS to click on 1 invisible button with Action 1. Then on the other inputs I make the same but for other button with another action. It works like this. But i would like to do it in a cleaner way...


Vincent Colpa

Hey Vicent,

You can have an hidden button that calls the desired screen action and onfocus click on that button.

On the extended properties of the input just add the onfocus

and on the value something like:


Hope it helps