How to show external webpage in mobile app?


We have a mobile app with inappbrowser plugin that allows to open url in native browser or within the app. However opening within app is fullscreen with no indication about our app (logo, colors, menus etc.) Is there a way to load url within app block (like iframe)? 

Thank you.

Hello Mykola,

Yes there is: use an iframe :)

Just drop an "HTML Element" widget in your screen, set its "Tag" property to "iframe" and create an Attribute with the name "src" and whose value is the URL you want to display. Something like this:

You can then build your screen around the iframe as desired. This is what my example looks like at runtime:


How do I pass the session information to this page? I have a page that's behind SSO and need to give those creds to the iframe...

I've seen this article Automatically Log In the End-user in the Web App:

but the app I'm trying to reach isn't throwing a security exception. Any thoughts?

Trying to open web browser inside the application, but getting error " refused to connect."

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 12.32.25 PM.png

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