[Wish]_Displaying producer's name of the imported action

[Wish]_Displaying producer's name of the imported action


In an action flow, when viewing the "Execute Action Properties" of an imported action it would be nice to have the name of the producer in the "Action" property, something like "MyExtension\MyAction" (instead of just having "MyAction"). This way we could easily identify the producer that exposes that action, instead of having to check one by one which reference is the producer for that action.

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Fernando Sousa

Beside this feature isn't also desirable to give these actions an alternative color or icon in the flow.
And when were at it, do the same for actions that are belonging to an entity?
To make a flow more synoptic?

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Michiel Runhardt
Hello Michiel,

Regarding the icons, you can change the default icon of your extension's actions in Integration Studio, but I agree that if the default icon was different it would help.

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it mainly a problem because when you don't know the project you can't search for the producer of the action, so you have to manually search the referenced espaces ..