Consuming external web service with custom endpoint

We want to consume SOAP web services from Outsystems, through an interoperability platform. This platform exposes WSDLs through an internal server (like a proxy), and therefore, the publisher of the webservice does not know through which IP the webservice will be consumed. Therefore, the endpoint specified in the WSDL will be: https://[Please.Change.IP.Address]/abc/xyz.svc

In Outsystems, when we consume a SOAP web service, we specify the WSDL URL, and the rest is automatic, as the endpoint URI is retrieved from the WSDL file.

So here's the problem: How can I specify a different endpoint, than the one that is specified in the WSDL? Or in the case above, how do I change the [Please.Change.IP.Address] part, to our custom IP or domain, pointing to our own interoperability server?

In .Net, this is usually done through the "Edit WCF configuration", and edit the binding after we have referenced the webservice WSDL. Can Outsystems do this?