[Human Readable Change History] "OSUSR" is reserved prefix

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Published on 8 Apr by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 8 Apr by Johan den Ouden


I'm trying to use the componente in V10 and i'm getting a error saying that "OSUSR" is a reserved prefix.

Found this on documentation:

<text> is a reserved prefix in <query>

You are using system tables in your SQL query and this is not allowed for security reasons. System tables are start with the following prefixes`: osusr_, ossys_, and oslog_. If your query uses any of these prefixes in a condition, for example, this error is displayed.

Fix the SQL associated with this query, in order to remove the references to any of the above system tables.

Is there any workaround for this? I don't remember these words were reserverds before.

Yes, they are reserved, that's why this is supposed to cobble the queries together using inline code to do the job.