[Wish]_Actions Dictionary in Service Center

[Wish]_Actions Dictionary in Service Center

It whould be nice to have an overview of all available actions and webservices in Service Center, something like a 4GL dictionary.

This would give an overview of
- Built-in actions
- all public actions in Sollutions
- all webservices
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This will help to decrease the new user learning curve and also increase efficiency and productivity during implementation. This will also come in handy when OS added new functionality to extensions and build-in actions/functions.

Besides a short description of the functionality and parameters an example of 'how to use' the functionality will also be very helpfull.

OS could probably create a tool like JavaDocs to list all actions and descriptions from solutions, espace and extensions and enhance the information from there.

Do you know OutDocumenter? It allows you to generate design reports and entity/reference diagrams about your eSpace/solution. It's a great way of generating documentation, as it includes the descriptions entered in Service Studio.

You can try it at: http://hubedition.outsystems.net/OutDocumenter/
Yes, i know OutDocumenter. But this is for 1 eSpace/solution, what I meant is an overview of ALL actions available on Enterprise (HubServer) or maybe even Community level.

It would also help to increase re-usability.

OutDocumenter is a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately it suffers from the same problem as JavaDoc: it is hard to read. When your are searching for a description of a certain action then you are fine but as an quick overview it is not so handy. That was the reason I mentioned 'enhancing' in my previous post :)

Also a weak point of this approach is that the responsibility lays with the developer to fill in every description and come up with a good explenation. Most of the time developers are good at developing stuff and not so good in explaining stuff for a broad public.

Furthermore this approach focusses on "what is it" while you probably want to know: "how to use it".

So the application is certainly a good start to begin with but for good documentation, which is easy to read and digest, you need more then generated descriptions.
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Outdocumenter does the job if you want to create technical docs. I have also felt the need to be able to see in the service center the actions that an espace contains.
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I think that everyone has already been in projects, where you can find the same action\function across the several espaces with different implementations and names that do exactly the same thing. This would help a lot in situations like this, preventing the replication of code.