Can we change the browser's resolution through application?


Business wants that when they open the application, browser's resolution should be set as 90%.

Is this possible?

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Suraj Borade

You could add "zoom: 90%" to the module style sheet

Thanks Matthias. I will give it a try. Really need to sit with you to learn the CSS skills.


I hope I could help you (don't forget to mark as a solution :-) )

Hi Matthias,

We tried that solution but it doesn't work as supposed. Whenever we increase/decrease resolution from the browser, we saw some distortions and responsive was also not working properly on some devices.

Also business requirement is that by default below value should be set as 90%

which is not happening. If I open this in other browser, they should behave same.

Since this setting is at browser level so we will need to set something in browser and I don't know how to change browser's settings from the application.

So currently we are not implementing this. 

Thanks for the reply.

Suraj Borade

Sorry to say, but that's a really strange business requirement.

The only way to prevent that properly is to control the browser completely, and that is more of an it-sysadmin job. You may end up with annoyed users.

That zoom is for users that have trouble reading, visually handicapped etc. so Why would you restrict that to users.

if you have a problem with responsiveness, well, you should fix that. not fix the browser

Hi J

Yes we have to tell them that it is out of control. Application development team cannot control the browser's settings.