I am trying to add an image with type external url,

When the external link starts with "https", Its working fine,

But if the link is "http", it shows a broken image.

How can i fix this?



Hi Keerthi,

This is likely because your page showing the image uses HTTPS, and the browser blocks access to resources that are loaded via HTTP.

Hey kilian,

Thanks for the reply, i am using this in my mobile application, when i try to test this by opening it in browser, even the image with http link loads, but when i test that in my mobile. Its a broken image.

Is there any way to solve this!!?

Why mobile is not supporting the http !??




HTTP is inherently unsafe, so when you load a page over HTTPS, but include HTTP, the browser engine may refuse to load it (this would otherwise be a security risk). If you Google for "loading http images over https" (without the quotes), you'll get some more info.

There are ways to get around this, but they involve fetching the images by e.g. a REST service, which may be overkill for your application. Best is to just use HTTPS everywhere.


Also please note that mobile applications built over Outsystems plaform support https only.So http will work or not you cannnot guarantee.