Disallow publish from Service Center in production stage

Is there a way to enforce that the only way to get software in production is by deployment from LifeTime? I don't want anyone to be able to publish software from the IDE into production, although change/deploy is granted.

Hello Gerard

Just to be sure, you want someone that can DEPLOY (in LifeTime) from DEV to PROD (for example), but is not allowed to CHANGE the code in PROD?

If yes, I don't think it is possible...
In Lifetime, deploy and change access are given in the same level...

Usually developers do not have access to deploy an application, that is a different person to take care...

And, in the end, if the person has access to change the application and deploy to production, even if they do not have acces sin production, they can always change in dev and overcome this situation...

What is your use case? Why do you need this?


Hello Eduardo, your understanding of my question is completely correct. 

What I want to achieve is that changes in software always originate from the development stage and are then propagated (and tested!) through the other stages to production. 

In other words, I want our application managers to only be able to change software in production by means of controlled deployment, not by changing source code. 

Otherwise there is a risk that someone will fix a bug in production which will re-appear during the next deployment. 

Hi Gerard,

I really think that, direct from the LifeTime, it is not possible to achieve what you want.

LifeTime has an API that allows you to make deploys, for example. But than, you would be required to create an application and give access to the user to make Deploy, and than remove access for him in Life (the API needs a Service Account).

I think that what you ask is a way to prevent undesirable HotFixes, but if company has a policy of not allow HotFixes and the managers do not respect this police, I would say that you have a real team problem there...

But, as I said before, while I'm not 100% sure, I don't think it is possible to achieve what you need only using LifeTime.


Hi Eduardo,

Hotfixes should also never be applied to production directly but should also follow a controlled (albeit shorter) path to production. In the Outsystems documentation a pre-production stage is used for that. That's perfectly fine with me. What's not fine with me is that a single line of code goes into production without being tested first, and that is exactly what happens if you connect the IDE to production and change and publish an application. And yes, I can "forbid" that by having rules and procedures in place but I would rather make it impossible altogether.