[FullCalendar 2] How to not show description and Show more than 1 All day event?

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Published on 29 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Daniel Filipe
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Published on 29 Mar (4 weeks ago) by Daniel Filipe


Anyone can help me with this 2 problems?

I am populating the events on calendar using REST service but I want to not show the description in calendar, is possible? I trey not to pass any value but it show "undefined" in calendar?

Other question, is how to configure the calendar to show more than 1 all day event in the same day (month view), is this possible?


Hi Luís,

Everything is possible. :)

  1. Put in the description a Text with a space: " "
  2. Insert this in the GeneralDisplayJSON Property of the FullCalendarWebBlock: "eventOverlap: true"



Hello José,

Thanks. I will try to do it as you said.

Best regards,