Html2PDF page overflow issue

Html2PDF page overflow issue


We are running Outsystems Cloud 10.0.710.0.

The PDF documents generated sometimes show a line at the end of page cut in two whereby the second part is presented on the next page. See attached file for a sample.

How can we control page overflow to prevent this?

Hi Toine,

I got a similar problem, but instead of half displayed on the next page it's just invisible. My workaround is to limit the no of records per page. But then, when a row is expanding because of text wrap, same problem will occur. 

Seeing your data is consistent with single line per row (no expanding), you may try the workaround.

Hope that helps.


Hi Imelda, thank you for your prompt preply.

In your answer you write: My workaround is to limit the no of records per page.

How did you limit the number of lines per page, by configuration parameters or in the code?




no matter what you do, html and pdf are simply different ways of presenting information.

Html does not care how long your page is.

Pdf needs to know upfront how large everything is.

so, Toine, you limit the number of lines per page by simply breaking it per say, 10 lines.

as long as you KNOW how high those lines are.

If you need really control of your pdf, you need to look for a better tool to generate PDF like Aspose.