Get Binary Data of file without using Upload widget

Hi -

We are converting an older system over to Outsystems and have a data migration question.  The old system has several thousand file attachments that reside on a LAN share.  We want to write an upload process to take those files and store them as binary data in the Outsystems DB.

We know how to allow a user to upload a file using the Upload widget.  But, does anyone know how we can write a batch Outsystems app that can get those files and save them without requiring a user to manually select them?

We're on platform 10, installed on-premise.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Robert,

I believe this can be easily achieved. I to ran into a similar situation but not involving files. I had users from an old system that needs to be uploaded to the new system. So mine was from Database to Database which was done via ETL jobs. For your case i think there are couple of steps:

  1. Read the files from LAN share.
    There is a plugin in forge called FileSystem (may be Network FileSystem for your case) which can be used to read and write files to & from folders.

  2. Creating the corresponding Entity for example ID | FileName | FileContent | UserId or Foreign Key

  3. Once 1 & 2 are done, you can write a timer under the process tab to perform the batch job.

Hope i understood your question correctly and it helps to solve the problem you are facing.




Hi Robert,

I have found these components on Forge, please check if one of then will solve your problem.

This one may solve your problem:

If not, try to check one of that

Hope I help you.

Thank you both!  It looks like the Network File System Forge component will do the trick for us.