How to export Local SQLite database from Android Mobile app?

I want to export Local SQLite Database into the mobile storage from the Android mobile app developed with Outsystems. Please let me know if anyone has any solution for this?


Hello Nitish

While I'm not 100% sure, I'll say that this is not possible.

You can look into cordova repository to see if you find any plugin that enable you to do that, but I think this may not be possible for security reasons.

If you can get the data from this local database to any other format, like excel, csv, txt, whatever, you may be able to upload to a sever OutSystems entity and synchronize with local storage.

Good luck.


Can you please help me with, How to Read the Non Standard form of Excel file having Two sheets In Excel and how will be the process in Outsystems.



Can you be clearer? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to sync the data back to the server? Is this a debug thing? Please give full scenario



Reading again, now it seems that you have an OutSystems mobile, and you want to export the local storage? Initially I understood your question as if you had a local database (external) and wanted to put the data into your OutSystems app. Sorry.

I think you don't have direct access do the local storage. So you will have to implement logic to export your data. For example, synchronize with server database.


Hi Stacey Levine,

I have an Android base offline mobile application with outsystems and in this I just want to export the SQL lite local database to mobile storage/if possible to send it through the mail before performing data sync with database server whenever user connects to the internet.

It is possible to do with Android Native code - 

for eg - 

But not sure how to do this with outsystems .

Hi Eduardo Jauch,

Yes, This is what I am already doing but was not sure if is any possibility to access android SQL Lite Database Directly.

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