I  tried connect mysql database hosted on mochahost

Gives me error.. 

Authentication to host 'mysql2000.my-virtual-panel.com' for user 'lms2017_ballon' using method 'mysql_native_password' failed with message: Access denied for user 'lms2017_ballon'@'ec2-52-201-21-226.compute-1.amazonaws.com' (using password: YES)

What i m doing wrong here..

i tried with basic as well as advanced connection string setup

It seems from the error message that the database is refusing connection because the username and/or password are wrong. Can you connect to the database otherwise (i.e. without OutSystems).

Hi Kilian,

Thanks... i have not tried from local as i dont have phpmyadmin on my local machine..

but i contacted hosting provider and they added ip address in allowed ip address to connect and now still i get below error..

does it mean that my hosting environment is not allowing connection?

Connection String test failed: Host 'ec2-52-201-21-226.compute-1.amazonaws.com' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

I'm not sure, and I also don't understand why whitelisting your IP address changes the error from "access denied" to "not allowed to connect". I'll ask around to see if someone knows.

Thanks Kilian.. Appreciate effort