After the download and implemantation of the 'Widget Library' the messages on the espace, doesn't have the colors (green, Yellow, Red,Blue) in the box, only appears the text and the Icon. I need the CSS file for the box colors.

Thank You.

José Pombo

You should be able find the css classes in the eSpace WidgetLibrary.oml. Open the eSpace WidgetLibrary.oml and go to Edit -> Style Sheets...-> Edit internal style sheet.
The css classes used in the feedback pattern are prefixed with "Feedback_".

You may copy these CSS classes into the style sheet of you own eSpace or set your eSpace to reference the style sheet in the Widget Library (Check 'Use external style sheet' and set the URL to "/WidgetLibrary/web.css")


Download the WidgetLibrary from http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/SolutionDetail.aspx?ProjectId=66