Object RichMailSend: Sintax of the field IDENTITY


I need to know the format (the syntax) of string IDENTITY in an object RichMailSend.

I need a string with user and password to autentication in mail server
user; password?
user password?
Hi Carla,

The richmail extension is not prepared for authentication. The IDENTITY field is part of the POP3 "HELO" command, and it is not used to authenticate the user.

Can you be more specific on your requirements? What server are you trying to connect to? Do you know the authentication mechanism supported by your server?

Hi Carla,

See solutions in this post.

Topic : RichMail with SMTP Login Authentication


To avoid publishing the RichMail extension (which is re-installed with each platform installation) I think the best thing to do is to have this newly created method available in a different extension.

Do you see any drawbacks on this solution?

I only need to insert USER and PASSWORD when I send an email.

The server I want to use is LX1MTS002, an Optimus server. It works fine with authentication in classic asp (with CDO).

Here, in Optimus, we have servers that do not need authentication, but it’s the new rule of CRM Dev, send all mails with authentication.

I don’t have permissions to install (compile/ publish) the new version of RichMail.xif in Optimus Outsystems server so I need to know if I can insert User/ pass in the actual RichMail and if not (as I think) I will have to send this problem to admins :)


Hi Carla,

The RichMail extension supported by OutSystems does not have authentication. The extension refered in the previous post is not supported by OutSystems and has some impact on the deployment process and in other espaces.

You have to discuss with you project managers whether to develop a custom extension or if you need an new extension from outsystems.

Please use OutSystems support <support@outsystems.com> in case you need a new extension.
Hi Daniel,

It really depends on how you implement the new solution. You just have to make sure your extension dependencies don't collapse with the richmail dependencies and your extension is not a "clone" from richmail but a newly created extension. It is worth the effort.

Lucio :)
My project Manager, David Raposo, wants User/ Pass in all applications with mail.
I already reported this problem :)
But thanks for helping me :)

One possible work around is to do a Pop3TestAccount before the RichMailCreate and RichMailSend. It works on some servers, try it on yours.

Best regards,

Bruno Rabino