how to make a web screen home page

how do i make a web screen as home page

Hi Jozy,

That page needs a entry point and that entry point needs to be the default one. 



Marcelo Ferreira wrote:

can you please tell me how to do it

Hi Jozy,

That page has to be the entry point.

Like here Movies Screen is the entry point.

thank you :)


Following the example from the attached picture:

  1. In the Interface tab, locate UI Flows and it expand MainFlow.
  2. Click Home entry.
  3. In the Home entry properties pane select Is Default: Yes.

Any entry you create and set as Is Default: Yes becomes the first "page" to load. To edit the entry link, double-click MainFlow and change the connection between the entry and one of the screens you have in your flow.

UI Flows in the Interface tab 

An entry linked to a screen titled HomePage