[App Version Plugin] getVersionNumber in App Version Plugin gives blank

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Published on 2018-10-16 by David Cruz
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Published on 2018-10-16 by David Cruz


I have a mobile app where I have to display the current version number. I have tagged the version number as 1.0 and have included the plug-in to show the number. But it shows blank.  Is it because I published after I included the plug-in ? 

Hi Sindhuja,

When you included the plugin did you build the app again (Android or IOS) and isntalled the new APK on the device. Also do you have the common plugin referenced on the app ?

Plugins are based on cordova, so everytime you add a new one, or refresh the code you need to build the app again and deploy it to the device again. 

I was using the app in "Outsystems now". Will it not work with that? Do I need to generate a native app? Yes, the common plugin is referenced. I did build the app and refreshed it in "Outsystems now".


Hi Sindhuja.

No this plugin does not work with Outsystems now (only a couple of the official ones are supported)

If you build the Apk for android and install it you will see that the plugin will work.


Thank you for the reply David.