Style Guide 1.0 & 1.1 Server Side Tags Bug

Style Guide 1.0 & 1.1 Server Side Tags Bug

FYI - The published style guide 1.0 & 1.1 does not properly pass parameters on the SERVER SIDE TABS example. The screens navigate and change appropriately, however the passed parameters do not follow. To correctly implement the pasing of parameters, the Screen Paramaters must be updated. To correct the situation with the least number of changes perform the following:

In the StyleGuide_Template.oml :
Under Screen Flows, Template Advanced ...
Rename Parameter1 to FirstParameter and rename Parameter2 to SecondParameter
Recompile and publish

I hope this helps anyone else implement these server side tabs, and the bug is corrected in future releases.

Hello Ken!

Thanks for the heads-up. That must've really slipped under our radar during the last stage of development, but I'm glad you have already sorted it out! We will take care of this as soon as possible.

Asides from this, how is your experience with the Style Guide going? Let us know so we can improve it.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
As long as you asked ..... I find it quite helpful in creating "standards" to start with. It would be great to find out the following:

1. What is the SU's requirement for each "style" of a page.
2. Will the estimator speadsheet use these styles so there is some continuity with page complexity (instead of Small, Medium, or Large complexity).

Also, I have an app with a web block which is used in about 7 different screens in the application. The web block is pulling back a list of attributes from the database. I wanted to apply the "style" to the web block, but the problem is that you cannot nest one web block inside of another, so I cannot use the "style guide" for this screen.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hi Ken!

Once again, thanks for the reply and for the suggestions.

Knowing the SU's requirement for each page of the style guide beforehand is indeed a great suggestion. We will definitely take it into consideration, and will probably add that information to the next revision of the StyleGuide documentation.

In what concerns the calculator spreadsheet, there are no plans to make it relate to the Style Guide. Nonetheless, I will make sure that this feedback reaches the ones responsible for the calculator spreadsheet, so it will be evaluated.

About your particular problem, I didn't fully understand your scenario. We do not support nested web blocks, but there are no rules of thumb to work around that limitation. This Web Block that gets a list of attributes from the database is being used for what purpose - is it a menu, is it page content? And why would you need to nest it inside another web block to apply the style? Could you detail it a bit more?

Sorry for all these questions, but I'm really interested in knowing what particular problem prevented you from using the Style Guide in that screen. It might be something important that we happened to overlook while designing the Style Guide, and would help us evaluate the priorities of our Style Guide backlog.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Maybe pictorally, the issue will be clearer. I have a requirement for a table list which is re-used 5 times in my application, so a web block makes the most sense to me. I created a web block and can copy all but the "paging web block/List Navigation" from the WidgetLibrary40 into my web block. In order to maintain the style, I need to manually get the code from the WidgetLibrary40 and retype it into my web block. I have attached a powerpoint slide which uses your documentation as an example of this.
Hi Ken.

Thanks for the description, I was fully able to understand now what you are trying to do.

Actually, we never had thought of it that way, but the paging web block which was used to try to simplify things is now a hindrance in your scenario.

As a workaround, what you might want to do is to implement the paging as we had it before using the web block. I believe this is a much better way to do what you're trying to do, and it is not that hard to do either.

In attachment there's a sample of how we used to do it:
- Add an Index integer parameter
- Change the query to use it
- Make the previous and next links set the parameter accordingly.
- Make the links enabled or disabled accordingly too.

Probably you'll have to create a new style in your application, that'll set the font-size do 11px for those particular links.

The mockup was done from memory, but I believe that it was more or less like that. Since there are no web blocks in it, you should now be able to do what you want!

Let us know how it worked out. Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Just to let you know that the new OutSystems Style Guide version - 1.2.1 - has the Server Side Tabs problem fixed.

The paging, though, has remained the same. The alternative version is less flexible, and it's more cumbersome to replicate in several screens - i.e. too many places to change.

Is it that common for you to use paged table records inside web blocks, or was it a one time thing?

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Thanks Paulo -

Regarding the lists inside the widget. I have personally used them 3 or 4 times in the past year. That being said, their was only one application that I did that where the quantity of records records returned would warrant utilizing the pagination feature. Most of the time, only 10 to 20 records are returned for the entire query, so not having pagination and being able to just "drop" a solution list on a target page was more beneficial that having pagination but manually handling the pagination process. I hope that answers your question.

Hi Ken.

Yes it does, thanks!

Best regards!

Paulo Tavares