How to create menu like this? Is there a widget? Thank you.


That's the normal Menu of the Dublin Theme.

I believe that the only difference is that they put icons before the text. 

But, I do not use Dublin. In addition, is it possible to create submenu? I try using, but cannot have sub menu:


Hi Pasar,

To create a menu as shown above, use the Silk UI Dublin Theme, and use the DropDownMenu, webblock to create menus. In the "Menu SubItems" you will have all your sub menus (Contents, Controls,....). Also add icons with them to get the same menu as shown above.

For the submenus is what Pravi mention.

Regarding the fact that you don't use the Dublin Theme, in that case, you will have to adjust the CSS to be similar.

Hi Pasar Anyar,

If Possible please attach OML file for reference.

Submenus using rich widget

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 is ugly. Then i try to use:

Unfortunately, the vertical bar is not indented for the submenu-gosubtext- ( i trick using space to indent the text, but cannot indent the "|"):




Unless you want to do a DYNAMIC menu (and even than, most of the time) ,or if you want more levels than Menu -> SubMenu, you should use the DropDownMenu. 

The VISUAL part is a matter of STYLING your menu and the classes applied to it. You can inspect the CSS used by the Dublin to style the menus (It uses the DropDownMenu from Richwidgets), for example, and reproduce in your application.

This will make your life much easier...