Dear All,
I met a customer who asking about Microsoft CAL licensing and he is talking about legal matters.
So this customer wants to know if they run Outsystems on a bare metal with 32 core processors and 128GB of RAM.
They have like 400 concurrent users from all of brances in Indonesia.
How many windows server CAL they have to buy to make this outsystems works legally by Microsoft?

They read this part on

5 – Do I need a CAL when my Windows Server is used to run a web server?

Windows Server 2012 R2 configured to run Web Workloads ** do not require CALs or External Connectors.  Web workloads, also referred to as an internet web solution, are publically accessible (e.g. accessible outside of the firewall) and consist only of web pages, web sites, web applications, web services, and/or POP3 mail serving.  Access to content, information, and/or applications within the internet web solution must be publically accessible.  In other words, they cannot be restricted to you or your affiliate’s employees.

If you have Windows Servers configured to run a “web workload” these users will not require CALs or External Connectors.  However, let’s say you are using Windows Server to setup an online store where customers can buy widgets.  You have front end Windows Servers setup to support your website, and backend servers (e.g. commerce servers) setup so customers can check out and buy your widgets.  The front end servers used to host your website would generally be considered as running “web workloads” and CALs or External Connectors will not be required to access these servers.  Once the customer adds a widget to their shopping cart, creates an account and enters their credit card and shipping information to complete the sale – they are now authenticated via your back end commerce servers/application (non-web workload).  Since users are accessing the backend commerce servers which web workloads are not running – CALs or External Connectors will be required for users to access these back end servers.

So they thinking Outsystems is totally so expensive in license cost.

Is there anyone have experience with microsoft cal license with their customer?

Hi Arnold,

This is a very interesting point, as we may be in the same situation. I've asked OS to respond, as they must have dealt with this in their PaaS solution.

Hi Arnold,

In all cases I had been worked, we never had this issue. Our understand is that even frontend or backend in OutSystems are web workload, because they are running in a IIS context.   CALs or External Connector will be only applied if you have a Backend running in a Desktop application and not in a Web site context.