Your Second Quarter 2018 - Ideas Are a Wrap

Hi Community,

Another quarter has passed, and it’s time to share what we’ve done with your valuable Ideas. First, we rebranded the community profile. We whipped up some really cool badges and made a new achievement the center of professional and community activity. And, we’re so proud that you’ve been participating and sharing it all with your network. 

We’ve given 2 900 badges in the first month! Imagine what comes next!

                                As for the Ideas Board, let's look at what you did in Q2.  


Organize environment applications in Service Studio

Service Studio

This idea is actually composed of all kinds of different feature suggestions: sorting, quick filtering, app groups, toggling between web and mobile apps, including plugins or not, including system apps or not, list vs grid views, smaller icons, and so on. So, now in your Application List, you can:

  1. Quickly filter your apps (you’ll love the performance) 

  2. Quickly jump to the modules you were recently working on

  3. Scan more applications at once with smaller icons

This idea in had 130 likes and more than 1300 views, and we have just finished launching it.

Add timestamps to Service Studio

Service Studio

Publish messages in Service Studio now have a timestamp for when they occurred.

This ideahad more than 97 likes and more than 700 views.

Here’s the list of all the ideas we implemented in Q2 (by category)

Service Studio

Aggregates & Queries


Community Forge

Community Forums

Community Ideas




There are a bunch of ideas submitted that we are currently working on. 

  • ListDistinct

  • Make description mandatory for forge components

  • Forge components approval

  • Forge - Mandatory Descriptions for Forge entries.

  • Report bad items in Forge

  • Achievement badges for Forge

  • Separate Demo eSpaces from the Main Application on the Forge

  • More collaboration features for published components

  • Link in the community that point to stuff other than posts

  • Disable/Remove CSS class so images fit into the response pane.

  • Log database catalog

  • Multiple running OutSystems instances per server

  • Basic Authentication to Consume SOAP Web Service

  • Component sharing - Email privacy

  • Improve the Calendar widget

  • Silk Components should have standardized placeholder names

  • SILK UI more column structures

  • We want to show the PC size of windows constantly by external parameter on SilkUI.

  • Outsystems exam : provide results within 24 hrs

  • Add tests to the courses.


Sorry, but we had to say “goodbye” to the following ideas:

  • Static Entities should not be counted as Application Objects

  • Possibility to delete/edit your idea and topic

  • Add an option to/Allow Ajax Refresh to display a Loading content message/information to the users when the request is being processed

  • Get screen width and height

  • Search by eSpace/extension name in Service Studio

  • OutSystems Swag

  • Email log content functionality

  • Show "On Our Radar" on Profile/Ideas page

  • [Mobile] - Local Storage: Select all attributes

  • Static entity record automatic space removal

  • Ability to List Static Entity Records in Entity Diagrams

  • Input Variable Suggestions - New Session Variable

What's your big idea?


If you've got an idea for OutSystems please let us know. Thanks, everyone!

Once again, great improvements!

Keep them coming!

It's exciting to see how the IDE is constantly evolving and being improved upon, as well as the community and back end that drives it all.

Very nice, Ana. Thanks for sharing. SS is getting better and better!

You guys rock! Awesome job team!

Finally, Basic Authentication to consume SOAP services. Good job. 

Good work. keeps us updated!!