I have read the post 'How to configure Integration Studio to work with NET and Java extensions'. However, I still cannot make change to the options. Whenever I apply for change, the system has error. Could anyone help me regarding this issue? 

Hello Dol,

Are you talking about this? https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9519/how-to-configure-integration-studio-to-work-with-net-and-java-j2ee-extensions/

Well, when you enter the first time in Integration studio, you need to "inform" the integration studio if you pretend to mess with .NET (C#), Java or both.

In my case, I will work only with .Net, so I choose this option.

Than you have to configure WHERE are the compilers and libraries it needs.

You go to Edit->Options...

Than you open the J2EE or .NET and configure the paths.

Now, if you are OPENING an extension that HAS java code, you NEED to configure it, even if you will not use or mess with it. And I think for java you HAVE to use Eclipse.

Now, if you're doing something different, please, show us what are you doing and the error.


Thank you for your reply!

However, I am still struggling with opening Visual Studio in Integration Studio. I know that I have to configure the path and once I click Apply, unexpected error pops up and the whole system shut down automatically. Do you have any idea what is happening? 

Thank you for the previous answer!


I'm assuming you are trying to open an extension and it is asking you to configure the paths?

So, first, does your extension have ONLY .NET code or does it have JAVA as well? Like I said, if it has JAVA code, you need to proper configure the J2EE paths.

If your extension has only .NET, try to open the Integration studio from the Windows Menu, configure the paths to .NET, connect to your environment, and than open the extension from inside the Integration Studio.

If there is no problem, you can attach your extension here so we can take a look on it.


So, I am new to Integration Studio and I don't have source code and basically just trying to see whether I can open Eclipse or Visual Studio. At this moment, I can open Eclipse but I cannot open Eclipse. To test Eclipse, I have chosen J2EE. To test Visual Studio, I have selected .NET. Now my problem is connecting to Visual Studio. The system keep asking me to define proper path. But the thing is, once I enter the path (referred to the instruction), the unexpected error pops up and I cannot make any changes. Do you know why there's unexpected error...