LDAP - Enterprise Manager user synchronization

LDAP - Enterprise Manager user synchronization

The attached oml is a sample on how to update Enterprise Manager with user information obtained from an LDAP directory.

It's compatible with Enterprise Manager 2.1.1

There's one EM Backoffice screen to define LDAP connection data and start a new synchronization process, and another screen to check the log of executed processes.

Synchronization processes read all LDAP user data based on a root directory and search criteria and updates EM with it. If the user does not exist in EM, it is created based on LDAP info with IsActive property set to false. User matching is done trough Username.
Updated properties are:
- Username
- Name
- Mail
- Phone
- Fax
- Mobile
- CreationDate
- CreatedBy
- UpdatedAt
- UpdatedBy
- Code

Users removed from LDAP directory are set to inactive in EM after each synchronization process. This doesn't affect users created directly in EM.


- OutSystems Platform 4.0
- LDAP extension

If using Microsoft Active Directory you may want to check UserAccountControl property to validate if user is active. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305144 for details (in Portuguese).


Tiago Gafeira.

I download the UserMasterLDAPSync and use it.

It's great, I only have one suggestion to make: the attribute in Entity LDAP_CONNECTION ( as well in database table) is in plain text, anybody can see the password!
Maria de Lurdes Spínola
I want to test this with the latest version, but it uses an action called "Login_WithCookie" among some others.

But they don't exist anymore?

I am using the LDAPSync to get users from Active Directory, and i need to get in determinated situation to select only users from one group in AD, how can i do that?

João Fernandes
Hi all.

I've attached the 4.2 version of Tiago's eSpace, since the existing version can no longer be upgraded by Service Studio 5.x .


Paulo Tavares