[RestrictChars] Can't make it to mobile
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Forge component by João Melo

I try to make it usable on mobile, but there is a bit different in expression asign.

as you can see in web, there is an action from entities. but.....

in mobile, we need to fetch data if we want get some data, so there is no action on it. Im so confuse and i dont find a way out.

 I hope you can help me, im new in mobile. Tq


Hi, to fetch data from the database you just need to use the option "Fetch Data from Database" in the context menu of your mobile screen.

Hi Khofifah,

Complementing Joao´s answer. RestrictCharsType as I saw in your model is a static entity.

In mobile side you can use directly only the references for this kind of statics, as Entities.RestrictCharsType.XXX  , but the method to Get an Element from them is not available. This is because data fetch on mobile side is asynchonouns and needs to be done using Fetch from Database as João said.

If you need access this data when offline, you can create an local entity for this RestrictCharsType and synchonized it before use in your app.

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato

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