Change Module name


Someone can tell me if I can change the name of already created (publish) module? How?



Hi Alberto.

Open the module, select the root of the Tree view (module's name).
You can change it there or in the properties.

Than it's just a publish matter ;)


Hi Alberto,

If you open your Module, you can change the name on the right upper side. Select the name and in the properties you can change the name.

Thanks both.

After knowing ... is so easy.... 


By the way... after I change the name it will refesh (update) all depencies in the modules that consumes it? or must I do it manually?


At this moment, (version 10, at least), you will have to update manually, as you have sent a newer version of the producer module to the server, and the consumers are still pointing to the other one.

You will see that in the apllication modules list, the consumers will be marked as outdated.

No need to refresh dependences, though. Just publish the producers and they will use the newer version, while the reference, visually, will be refresh only when you open again the module, after publishing it.

EDIT. To the new module to really update the name you will need to refresh, but it seems to work without it.


Thanks Eduardo. 

I find that when I change the module name in the properties, there is no change in the development environment. And it seems that it just changes for a moment and doesn't update in the development environment. Could you please help me with the problem?


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