How to get the identifier of image we selected in table record using jquery

How can i get the identifier of image that i selected in table records. I have a situation where i will display image records as table and at the time i select particular  image i want the Identifier of it...

Hi Sushmita,

Let's see if I got it right:

  • You have a table
  • In each row of the table you have an image

Is that it?

If yes, what identifier are you talking about? The Identifier of the record that corresponds to the image? Or the HTML id attribute of the image? 

Also, how do you select the image? By clicking on it? By selecting some check box next to the image?

Could you please answer the questions above so that we can help you. Also, maybe some screenshots would help also.



Hi Sushmita,

You can add a link to the image that calls a screen action. On that action if you to <table records name>.current you will have the image that you have selected.