How to URL masking or hiding the URL?

The requirement says URL must not change when users are using the web app.

How to achieve this? I was thinking about frame but is there anything on Outsystems that might already be ready to use? Or perhaps some guidance on tips and tricks about this topic?

Many thanks

Hi Eric,

Could you explain a bit more about your requirement? What kind of "URL" are we talking about? The URL visible in the browser? That's a very weird requirement, where did that come from? That's just not how the web works.

In general, when you redirect to a different page from a Screen Action, the URL stays the same. But I'd advise against doing that for each and every link - just explain to your client that's not how things work.

Yes the web URL visible on the browser it shouldn't changed. I think maybe for security because some banking app also doing that kind of stuffs.

I think the way to do this is by using as much weblocks as possible and use Ajax refresh effectively. Maybe in combination with some URL rewriting this can be a suitable option for you. With that in mind you can do a lot from a one-page application. 

Question that comes with this is that it's not OS best practice.

I think what I said earlier also works: page transitions via Screen Actions only. Also, if you need to hide information like Screen Variables, perhaps SEO rules could come to the rescue (though not strictly being a "single URL" solution).