HI There,

Can we create extension using Phyton?

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Hi Pasar,


Extensions are done with C# or Java (up to version 10).



Depends on the situation, but it might be possible to use IronPython?

The extension will be done in Java or C#.Of course if you can call Python code from inside the extension, you can. You can call even native code (HTMLToPdf, for example, does this). But you are not doing the extension itself in Python. You are calling it from the extension.

Integration Studio isn't source code agnostic, as it needs to inject the right function bodies into the code (the "Update Source Code" stage). But I guess you could trick it into believing everything is e.g. C# but meanwhile set the IDE and .NET Compiler Tool to the proper Python tools, as long as the DLL that's produced is 100% compatible.

Can we deploy python application in outsystems environment?

Hi Ankita,

Try to create new questions in new posts instead of posting them to old posts.

If your environment is in the OutSystems Cloud, no. At least no without asking OutSystems to do it (it won't in a personal environment, for example).

On On-Premises environments, the server is yours, you can install on it whatever you want.