Loading the next records on a mobile app

Loading the next records on a mobile app



I have a mobile app. On the screen I fetch a filtered list of data from the server database, e.g. a list of products where the user searched for the word "Cat". There are 150 matching items in the database, but I only want to show 20 at a time.

So I set the aggregate of "GetProducts" to Max.Records 20 and I display that.

How do I get the next 20 records filtered records from the database when the user clicks next or when the user drags down on the screen?

Any help will be appreciated?



Hi Vonnelize,

You can use the list control's "On Scroll Ending" event to handle this. Just open the event's dropdown list and select the "(New Infinite Scroll Client Action)". The platform automatically creates a client action that takes care of all the logic to do it.

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato