Debugger in corporate network not working


I am working in a large corporate network in the healthcare industry - so, things are pretty locked down.

However, I found the “Use One Connection per Request in Debugger” and this helped a bit.

I could get a debug session started and testing IF and ONLY IF, the browser I was testing the web app is on the same workstation / network as Service Studio.

However, if I use my phone Chrome browser to test, the Debugger will NOT pickup the request from my browser – the webapp works on my mobile browser BUT the debugger does not catch my mobile browser request.

Any hints?

If you are using a DNS name to connect to the environment from Service Studio, rather try the IP address. Sometimes on these locked-down networks, DNS resolution is not the best...

Hmmm ... I am connecting to a personal environment.

The IP is currently based on ping ... BUT ... can't connect Service Studio to that IP for some reason.

Quick update - we have stated our Enterprise trial. So far, it appears the debugger is working.

However, I need to run a few more scenarios first to be sure that I can debug from one module into another module.