Hi all,

I'm trying to implement a menu button in my bottom bar. Something along the lines of this:

so instead of the hamburger menu icon at the top, the big red button would bring out the left side menu. Its semi functional at the moment. Creating an action the called 'MenuShow' and assigning it to the button was simple enough. The problem is that whenever i drag my finger across anywhere on the menu, it disappears and the screen gets a grey tint to it.

Anyone with an idea of whats going on? How do I fix this?




I'm not too versed in Mobile development, so I can't directly help you. Is this happening in the browser too? If so, did you check the CSS in your devtools, to see what's going on?


Can you please upload your demo oml file, So that I can look and will get a clear idea about what you are trying to achieve.