SOAP Web Service Basic Authentication

SOAP Web Service Basic Authentication


Hi All!

I'm developing an integration with a client's system, and to do it I need to call a web service.

Thing is, this web service requires authentication, using the "basic authentication" mode.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, just add the credentials using the SetWebReferenceCredentials action but it doesn't work.

Upon further analysis, using SoapUI (which I 1000% recommend, by the way), turns out the web service requires what SoapUI calls "pre-emptive authentication":

So, my question is, how can I replicate this behaviour in OutSystems?


Hello Carlos,

Is ardoHTTP an option for you? It supports the Pre-emptive basic authentication.

Thank you,


Hmm… I'll look into it, the difficulty I need to call a web service, so while that is possible using just HTTP (that, after all, is kinda the whole point of web services), not having all the functionality the platform provides will make it a bit trickier.

But thanks, I hadn't thought of that!

Hi Carlos,

Did you find a solution? I have the same problem, can you please share your solutions?

Best Regards

Hello everyone,

The WS is private, and has authentication through Username and Password.

However I have already solved the issue with SetWebReferenceSoapHeaders, thus adding the necessary credentials in the Header.

Contrary to what I thought, the WS in question does not have Basic authentication, so this solution worked well.

Best Regards