hi my splash screen doesnt want to show  up when i click on the application it says retry.can you help me fix this

Hi Musgado,

It's a bit difficult to know what's going wrong with such a short and uninformative description. I assume we're talking about a Mobile App? If so, did you try to debug it? Does the problem only happen on a real device, or also in the browser? If the latter, did you check any error messages in the browser's console?

Hi Kilian

yes its an Mobile app and it shows no error its just shows a circle then after loading it shows "retry".i havent checked on my phone yet but thats what it does on browser  

Did you check the Error Log in Service Center? Any errors present there? And again, did you try to debug to see whether you can pinpoint the location it goes wrong?

i tried to debug and it shows me that screen "there was an error processing your request RETRY"

And the Error Log I mentioned above? Did you check it?

how do i check the error log?

hi the error is 

"[Error Screen]n no cached manifest found. its not possible to rollback to a previous version." thats the error i found.

Hello Musgado,

Could you try 2 things, please?

1. Try to open your application from the browser, but connect to a different network (for example, open it from chrome in your mobile device connected to 4G or a different WIFI network if you are using WIFI)

2. Try to open it from OutSystems Now in a mobile device.

If you are not able to do that or it also does not work, could you please send as the URL of the application for us to test (can be via private message)? So we can test if the problem is in the machine/network that you are using to connect to the application.


hi thank you i will send the link to you right now thnks