how to retrieve the last device that used to login?

i wan to get the last device, for some condition in my action. how to retrieve it?

Hi Erron,

Afaik the platform doesn't log devices. What is your scenario?

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

Hi Erron,

Afaik the platform doesn't log devices. What is your scenario?

I want to create a condition to log out, where take device id used to login again whether the user using the same device or not?

As per the below thread my understanding is that you have 2 main challenges,

  • Make sure that you have 1 active user login from 1 device not multiple devices.
  • Make sure that no multiple users can access the same device.

To do so you will need the following,

  • Database Entity to store UserID  & Device ID.
  • Local Storage Entity to store Current User Id & Device Id.

In the first screen after login you will have to do the following checks,

  • Get current User ID and search in the Local Storage & Server for the Devices info.
  • Search by UserID in Local Storage,
    • If Exists then update it.
    • If not then create it.
  • Search by UserID & Device ID on Server,
    • Delete the results. Why delete? you might do 2 search queries by UserID & DeviceID and gets 2 different rows, so which one to update & which to delete? Unless you don’t have a logic or a key to keep the row with current device or keep the row with the current row, delete both.
    • Create a new one record with new data.
  • You will need to check on app resume every time if the server data is different than local then logout & if not then remains,

Please let me know what do you think ?