how to highlight or add a border an image after selection?

I need to change the aspect to an image after user selection. 

In a web page user has different images, and I need to highlight the chooice, changing border to image selected or Yellow highlight.


Hi Emanuela,

Highlighting, borders etc. are produced via CSS. How does the user select images? And how do you mark them as selected in your code? Is there a link around the images that calls a Screen Action that does this?

I have an image that calls a link in "destination" calls a Screen Action and save some value in my entity.

User can choose differents images, only one per row, and on click it  this image should be hilight or border should  change.

Possible in Exteded Prop. of the image?! property=onclick but in value what shall I put?


Add an Extended Property to the Image, e.g. "selected", and as Value, set the Value you use to detect the image is select (so if the images are inside a List Records, something like ListRecords1.Current.IsSelected).

Make sure the link that calls the Screen Action is set to "Ajax Submit". In the Screen Action, toggle the status, and refresh the List. I've attached a simple example as reference.

sorry not to understand well. forgive me.

I try to explain better my dev.

User have 5 smile for each reason.

Now after press on a smile this info is save in a table and flag che check box ( so user know which reason has rate)

But I need to identify which smile is selected, just after click on,

 Image are not inside a list, are only in the form, each smile has a different name for each reason.



Hi Emanuela,

It would've helped indeed if you had explained that in your original post :). If you have a fixed number of images like that, I would just create a condition (If Widget) around each one, with depending on whether that's the selected one, the image or either another image that represents the selected state, or inside a container that has some additional styling. See attachment.


Thank you so much!

in the future I'll improve the explanation, also.

Yes, it's always important to provide as much information as possible, it helps speed things up :). Happy coding!