Importing Dates from Excel

Hi Guys 

Im trying to import an excelfile to my program but instead of dates i only get an Integer (e.g 04.06.2018 is imported as 43261)

Is there any way to reformat it to a date?



Hi Quinn,

I don't quite understand. If we are talking about the built-int Statement Excel To Record List, it has as Property the Record Definition. If in the Structure you specify there there's a Date Attribute, a Date is imported. It can never be an Integer.

Hi Kilian,

i used a script to be able to access specific Cells. I found the Solution (its Adding the number in Days to 01.01.1900).

I think your regional settings are in ISO format (2017-03-17) and in your CSV file dates. It looks like 27-03-17 when such data will be recognized as one in the year 2027.

Since Excel considers the CSV data as one with 2-digits year format i.e YY-MM-DD.

I guess since not clear how dates are formatted within the CSV (text) file. You must try to fix this issue by using Excel formulas to change years and dates.

Check out the following fixes to resolve:  Excel Not Recognizing Date Format 

Hi Edwards

Nice to have your contribution! BUT that post have more than 2 years old!!!


AddDays(#1900-01-01#, TextToInteger(Cell_Read_ExpiryDate.CellValue)-2) 

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