Cannot Request arrays to consume a web service

hi there,

I have a structure for a request where RequestData is of type List:

The consume web service is generated using outsystems. Then i populate a request to send to external web service. Unfortunately, the external web service only gets the first two have values, ReffNo and Product, but the List is blank. How it come - the list is blank?

Thank you very much.

Hi Pasar,

There's probably a mismatch between what you send and what the external service expects. Are we talking SOAP or REST here? In both cases, you can log what is sent, and examine if it is what the external services wants.

hi, it is Rest. How to know what actually does our consume web service's request's value sent to external web service?

thank you.


Please read my previous post beyond my question. Then you will see I actually already answered your question ;).


Ok, thank you Sir,

Find already:

# do NOT assign value like this: requestdata.current.field = "x"... etc


Do this below:

- create variable of type RequestDataITEM (NOT RequestData)

- populate that variable

- appendlist(RequestData, RequestDataITEM)

That's IT.



Hi Pasar, 

It's possible to assign the current of a list in e.g. a for each, or in a screen action triggered by a table records, but it's not possible to assign the current, then list append the current to the list.