Aggregate default Max.Records of returned rows


I was wondering if there is a default limit for returned number of rows for aggregates? I was debugging my application and noticed that if no max.records set the aggregate returns 51 element... if I set some huge number - all rows are returned (around 200 in this case). Also If I set max.records to 0 it returns 1 row... It seems that something was changed here or I've never noticed this behavior previously.


Hello Mykola,

I believe that, if you don't specify, either it will return every record or will only return a given number tied to the "display widget" - like a table records or so.

If you put 0, seems that returning 1 is "fallback" behavior since, if you don't need any record then you don't need an aggregate.


Hello Armando,

I've had that thought also but in this case I have a variable with a list type that is displayed with table records widget  (with line count set to list length) and aggregate result list is assigned to this variable. 

Regarding fallback for 0 it can be used for testing purpose or another reason and as it is not mentioned in the aggregate description nor in the max.records field this behavior was unexpected (

Hi guys, I had the exactly same behavior that Mykola described, I also use a List binded to a table with the line count set to this list length and had only 50 elements shown.

this is totally unexpected, the only work around I found was to set max records for a huge number in aggregate.

This seems like something still wrong!