Mobile - Input type Time is not showing 24 hours format


Is there any way to show 24 hours format in Input type time in mobile applications?

I have modified my device settings and set clock format to 24 hours. Now when I click on Time input, its opening my mobile clock in 24 hours format. But when I select time from that clock, its again displaying time in 12 hours format.

Is there any solution to this behavior?

Palak Patel

Hi Palak,

I tested it myself. My phone was in 24h format. The time input in my mobile app shows 24h format, and when selecting new time again it shows in 24h format.

Then I switched hours format to am/pm on my phone and tested again.

Now time is still shown in 24h format, but when i open the native time input widget selection is done in am/pm, on selection of time it is shown again on my screen in 24h format.

So basically same problem you have just the other way around.

I also try to change the default language on my phone, that didn't have any effect.

So I have no solution for you, but what I notice is that:

- Changing 24h format of phone does changethe input method from 24h to am/pm

- Changing 24h format of phone does NOT change how the selected time is shown on your screen.

Looks like something OutSystems need to sort out.

But luckily there is a very nice mobile time picker component in the Forge that can solve your problem