[CryptoAPI Extended] Why not join with original?

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Published on 2018-03-13 by Pedro Coelho
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Published on 2018-03-13 by Pedro Coelho

Hi -

I am curious why this is a separate component, instead of joining the original project and adding this functionality to it? Would be easier for folks to know which one to use, and fixes/changes to the original would immediately be available with this extension too. :)


Well, the original one is not maintained in a while, and I needed the functionality working ASAP :)

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Hi Pedro,

Given that Ricardo has updated the CryptoAPI last month could both teams join efforts to merge the features added here to the original project? Like Justin mentioned it would make a lot more sense for everyone that needs cryptography to know which component to use (they are based on the same underlying API after all). Also, CryptoAPI is marked as Trusted which is a seal of quality that all components should strive for.