Re : File Compressor (Zip) with password

I’m trying to use the Zip compressor to generate a compressed file with password. It is possible with this solution?
Hi Mário,

I think that the version in the solutions doesn't support creating a zip with a password it only support uncompressing password encrypted zip files.

Attach you can find a version that supports zip encryption. This version is for OutSystems Platform 4.1 or greater.

I need to create zip with password too...So  why this capability is not included on built-in Zip extension at first place? Any considerations?

Hi Eric

Can you provide the link of component which you are using to make a zip? and why can't you use above extension?

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Suraj Borade

I'm using default built-in zip extension from manage dependency

I downloaded zip.xif from André Vieira above, and everything seems to be the same except his one got password as an input on CreateZip action. So I was questioning why don't this password input is on default zip extension? What's the consideration? I was aware his post was on 2008 so it was like 9 years ago.

Does it still valid? I mean everything there a chance that his version was not the same as default zip extension? 

This one is from his zip.xif


Don't "resuscitate" dead posts (this is from 2008) or ask questions that are not directly related to the post itself (like old component versus new built in method).

This makes search difficult and the post itself (or your question), less useful for other users.

Create a new post, please. :)

Eduardo Jauch 

Nope I did not "resuscitate", I did post new one here then someone pointed me here.

And I was questioning why this password input is not on default zip extension? While it was invented like 9 years ago by user no 1 in this forum. Maybe something as considerations? If so I would like to know the reasons and maybe it will determine my solution on how to generate password protected zip file.


When you put a comment on a "dead post", you are bringing it back to life again.

Instead, keep the discussion in the post you create. 

Old posts serve as knowledge repository for a while, but as technology keeps going on, they end up outdated. Even if not, let them rest in peace. :)


Eduardo Jauch

Hmm fair enough