Hi all,

    I am implementing a functionality to open a mobile app by clicking a link in the mail.

    I will send an email to the user with a link. On clicking the link I have to check whether the link is clicked from mobile if so I have to check whether my app is installed in the mobile and if it is true I have to open a specific page in the app.

     Is there a way to implement this.




Are we talking about an OutSystems mobile app here, right?

I may have lost some piece of information here...

If you have a mobile app, you will be able it only from a mobile device. And if it is not installed, it will not open, so, what do you mean by "check weather my app is installed..."?

Regarding knowing if the link was clicked in a mobile device, well, as your app can be installed only in mobile devices, the click in the link was made in mobile for sure, or your app will not be found...

So, what exactly am I missing here?


Hi Jauch,

     Thanks for your reply.

     I will explain you the scenario.

     A user is registering in my mobile application. I will send an activation link to the user through a mail. The user will receive the mail in a browser or in a mail app. On clicking the link in the mail I will have to open a specific page in the mobile app.

    Can I do that in outsystems through server action or should I use some javascript to achieve this?


You can use deep links: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/Development_FAQs/How_to_Define_Mobile_App_Deep_Links

This way, you will be redirected to a mobile application and open directly in the page you want.

If the link is for a Web application, than, if the application is SilkUI, you can check if you're in a mobile, tablet or desktop using server actions from Web Patterns:

Richwidgets also have a function to check if you're in a mobile:

To open the mobile app, you can use an External URL destination with the deep lilnk (didn't tested, but I think it will work).