I am trying to expose a SOAP service as defined by service I am creating a webhook for. I need to make sure my service meets the WDSL specifications. 

I think I will have to create this as an extension as the SOAP Expose in OS does not have enough customization options as I would need.

I was wondering if there are any resources or if anyone had any experience exposing an endpoint from an extension.  Can I just follow any C# guides for this? Are there any considerations I would need to take into account for OS? 


Hi Jordan,

I'm not sure whether you can actually do this. There was a recent discussion here on the forum about it, but I'm not sure whether we resolved the possibilities. The thing is that an Extension is loaded in the context of an eSpace, but isn't guarenteed to be "kept alive", afaik.


So not that I didn't believe you, but more hoped it wasn't the case.  OS Support confirmed your knowledge.

"...Exposing a SOAP endpoint or REST for that matter using an extension it's not possible at this moment.

Although you could implement all the code to handle it on Integration studio and then import it into your module, a call to an extension action happens in the context of an Outsystems transaction. This means that you can call it as part of a server action, timer, etc.. but not in an idle process that would listen to requests like a SOAP or Rest Endpoint works."

Whomp whomp.

Thanks for the answer and pointing me in the right direction.

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for confirming what I already thought was the case. Too bad for your scenario though :(. It's a pitty SOAP doesn't have the same possibilities as REST with regards to modification during sending/receiving.

Yeah it does. Being able to just raw edit the WSDL or the requests would let me solve it all just doing some string parsing...