Do small business's use the free personal environment for in house uses commonly?

I own a small business, we purchase items from the public and then resell them online. I am interested in developing a web app for some of our purchase documentation and accounting needs.  I would be the only developer with 10 users max. The licenses offered are far in excess of our budget though I would be glad to pay for a license that is a closer fit to our needs. I don't want to abuse something that is kindly given. I just appreciate the Outsystems platforms abilities over any other option. 

Do small business's commonly use the free developer platform for in house professional purposes? What sort of problems do they run into?

Picture files are part of our purchase procedure, this data would exceed 2gb within a couple of months. Is it problematic to store data like this on another server that the personal cloud web app can reference for generating reports? Leaving the 2gb of data space only for data used to implement the web app. 


Hi Richard,

The fact is, OutSystems doesn't focus on small businesses, even though I can see the benefits. The licence prices are enterprise-grade prices, as that's where the focus lies. The Personal Environment is not meant to run production software. It has all kinds of limitations and having only one environment for both development and production is of course never a good idea. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if there are businesses that actually use OutSystems from their PE, but whether that's a good idea...

As for storage, I would opt for some other external storage supplier, and interface with that for storage and retrieval. Definitly don't use the PE database for storing images, it'll be full in no-time.


Thank you. My search for a RAD software for our business has led me to filemaker at this point. It seems to be about the only option for a single developer with a small user base at a reasonable price point.