Login form gets collapsed when the keypad opens in android

Hi guys,

when i try to type the username in login form, the screen gets collapsed in android when the keyboard opens. but in iphone it works fine. 

The screen must not be scrollable, so i used percentage to define height.

I have used 100 percentage for the overall height of the outer most container, and have used percentage for all the containers used inside to support all the mobile screens

screenshot from iphone

screenshot from android

help me to fix this issue guys.

Thanks & Regards,

Hafizudin M

Hi Hafizudin,

I had the same problema, and didn't find the solution :/

Hi, Hafiz

I also face the same issue and check the CSS which is used in the login page, where they have used flexbox css. this issue is coming due to lots of content inside login page and the default out systems login doesn't allow that much of text.

I would suggest creating the new login by taking layout blank without these classes that are used in the login page.


Pankaj Pnt