I wanted to give the User the option to add he's own profile picture but where do I store it? The User Entity doesn´t have that, so do I have to add to another Entity created by me, link it to the user, and add a Binary Data Attribute where the profile picture will be added?

Hi Rui,

Please check How to add extra logic to Users' login article. You can use the describe approach with a Binary attribute as you mentioned.



Hello Rui

Besides the suggestion of Tiago, I suggest that you see the courses. You will find the solution




Hi Rui,

You already gave the answer yourself, indeed you create an additional Entity and link it to the user, like Tiago and Vera's links show. If you need only a single image, you can set the Identifier of the new Entity to type User Identifier, if you need more than one image per user, the UserId must be a foreign key.