I have designed a List & the data is in Local Storage Entity,

I want to filter List based on SearchInput onChange Event.

I was planning to make an action & use SQL to do so, But as of my Data is in Local Storage I am unable to do so.


Hi Assif,

Regardless of whether you create a Mobile App or a Web App, you should try to limit the use of SQL and use Aggregates where possible. As you are creating a Mobile App, Aggregates are the only solution available as you know, so your filter has to be created via a Filter in an Aggregate. So what exactly do you want to filter that you think isn't possible using an Aggregate Filter?


Thanks Kilian,

It resolved by Aggregates - FIlter : 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

EmployeeRecords.emp_name like "%" + TextVar + "%" 

TextVar : Variable for SearchInput

Event : OnChange - Action [ Refresh Data]


Yes, that's indeed the way to solve that, using "like" in an Aggregate Filter. Great you managed to solve it!