Value in GeneratePDF file in Mobile Development


Good day,

I would like to seek your help regarding in GeneratePDf using HTMLToPDFConverter. Right now i used that plugin to generate pdf file but unfortunately i have difficulty to understand on how to execute in proper way and i don't what will be the value of the input parameter. kindly see screen shot below. Thank you

Eduardo Jauch wrote:

Hello Reuben,

You shouldn't use this action.

See here:

For more information, please, refer to this topic:


Hi Sir Eduardo,

Thank you for the feedback. 

If that case what is the best way to generate pdf file and save it to android or ios device directory.

I have project that will be developed in mobile wherein the user can download his/her personal info(ie. Address,Gender, Bday,  etc.. ) in pdf format and save it to mobile device directory. 

I already downloaded the FileTransfer Plugin and HTMLtoPDFConverter. I hope you can help me on this.

Thank you

Hi Reuben,

I'm not saying to you to avoid using HTMLtoPDF. I'm sayng to avoid using THAT action in particular. The component have other action that do not have the Executable Path, as the component itself knows about this location.

In the first Link you will find the correct one (HTMLToPDFConverter action).